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Reblocking and House Restumping VIC

If the foundation of your house is no longer strong to offer reliable and safe support to its structure, you need a professional underpinning and restumping solution. Bendigo Restumping & Underpinning is your one-stop service provider for all your underpinning and restumping needs.

Specialising in ground engineering and asset preservation, our restumping and underpinning Bendigo team uses the latest technologies and methods to repair and improve the foundation of your house. We work closely with our clients in Bendigo to customise our services based on their specific needs and situations. Our team is always willing to go the extra mile whenever and wherever we are needed. Our innovative solutions ensure your life is returned to normal with minimal disruption. We offer a long-term guarantee on the materials and the workmanship to give you complete peace of mind.  

Our team at Bendigo Restumping & Underpinning has been stabilising homes and making foundations stronger with our proven, unique, and performance-oriented underpinning services for years. We are able to plan and execute complicated projects quickly and efficiently and further prevent foundation issues

Wheelbarrow on top of a mound of soil removed for screwpiles as part of an underpinning Bendigo project in Kennington

Does My House Need Foundation Repairs?

Is your property suffering from sinking footings, cracking walls, or instability due to soil movement? These can cause lasting damage to your home and cost you thousands of dollars if left unresolved. Our team of underpinning specialists can perform underpinning services to fix structural problems with minimal interruption to your home and lifestyle. Check out our blog on what is restumping.

Understanding and identifying signs of foundation problems is the first step to protecting one of your greatest investments – your home and your family. If you experience any of the signs mentioned below, it is wise to contact our professional underpinning specialists to get their advice –  

Your house can experience deep cracks due to weak foundations. These cracks will be different from the slight cracks in the plaster. If you notice deep cracks on your wall or the floor, then it is an indication your house needs underpinning. 

Your house may start to sink or shake due to a weak foundation. It causes your flooring to become unleveled. It is one of the urgent situations which needs underpinning by experienced foundation repair contractors. 

Sinking foundation affects the level of the floors and the frames of the door and windows. When it happens, you will experience problems closing the doors and windows. It is due to misalignment of door frames that needs immediate action. Underpinning is one of the solutions to such problems. 

When you have a weak foundation, your house may start to tilt to one side. If you notice your house tilting, it indicates you have a weak foundation and that your house needs urgent repairs.

When Should You Get Professional Help?

None of the signs mentioned above is an indication that your house will need underpinning or reblocking. But you also do not want to wait around till the symptoms start to appear and become more serious than you had imagined. If your DIY assessment of your home has left you concerned, remain calm as you have plenty of help available from professionals.

If our professionals determine that your property needs underpinning or restumping Bendigo, the project will be carried out by our underpinning specialists. The longer you wait, the more the issue will worsen, leading to further damage and increased costs to rectify your property. Secure your property today, or you may end up with compromised integrity of your entire home in the future! 

An excavator being used to install underpins on the fold coast in Golden Gully by Underpinning Bendigo

Our Foundation Repairs Services Bendigo VIC

If you suspect your house is in need of underpinning, you need to have a professional underpinning Bendigo expert by your side. The team at Bendigo Restumping & Underpinning includes experienced professionals who identify structural issues with your structure, determine the extent of the damage, decipher if it needs underpinning or restumping, and then establish the best solution for your needs. 


Houses before 1960s in Bendigo were built on timber stumps and are most likely to need restumping at some point of time. Restumping of a house involves repairing the foundation of a house that is built on stumps. Here, our specialists jack up your house and replace rotten or old stumps typically made of timber, with brand new stumps made of concrete for long-lasting durability. A lot of times restumping or reblocking may also involve replacing the sub-floor timbers and floorboards.


Underpinning is the technique used to rectify residential structures that have suffered from subsidence. When a property has moved due to subsidence, it needs proper support to prevent it from collapsing. Underpinning helps strengthen the foundation of properties if they have been weakened by subsidence or need repairs. During the underpinning process, the Bendigo Restumping & Underpinning team excavates as much as needed beneath the existing foundation. The excavated soil is then replaced with a new material such as concrete that forms a new foundation beneath the current one. Once the concrete is cured, the process is repeated on the other section of the foundation until the entire length of your structural wall is reinforced.

Bendigo Restumping Underpinning have dug a hole for underpinning this home in Big Hill The footing will be jacked and then concreted to the original height for foundation repairs

When is Restumping or Underpinning Required?

There are a number of reasons why your house may need restumping reblocking or underpinning. Most of the time, such repairs are related to subsidence problems. But securing your property early can help you avoid compromising the structural integrity of your entire property. Here are some more reasons why restumping or underpinning may be necessary –  

Depending on the condition of your house, our experts can narrow down the best solution for your situation. There are some key warning signs of foundation problems. Read on to know some common indicators that your property needs foundation repairs in Bendigo. 

Types of Underpinning in Bendigo

We offer a number of options to our clients in Bendigo. Our most conventional method is mass concreting, which has remained unchanged over centuries. In this method, our underpinning experts sign a box-shaped hole beneath the existing foundation of your house and then fill it with concrete. This method is used when the existing foundation of your property is shallow, but it can also be used in many other cases.

Our team also uses other types of mass concrete methods known as beam and base methods. In this process, our experts reinforce the concrete beam, which is built above or right below, or simply replace the entire footings. Here, the concrete beam will redirect the weight of the building over to different bases made of concrete placed in strategic locations.

Apart from these, we also use several other methods such as pile, beam, or mini-pile underpinning depending on our client’s needs. No matter what you need or how small your budget might be, we can offer it all under one roof.   

Concrete Underpinning vs. Resin Underpinning

Finding out that your property has a foundation problem can be daunting, and picking the best solution for it can be difficult. There are different methods of underpinning to improve the strength of your foundation. Our experts can help you decide the best method to strengthen your foundation.

Concrete underpinning is one of the most popular and still the most viable options for most homeowners when it comes to underpinning. It is a dependable and tested technique that most professionals today choose. While resin underpinning is a newer method that involves injecting resin material underneath the foundation. However, it has tons of drawbacks and might not be the most appropriate method for a number of situations.

If there is a giant gap that needs to be filled, resin underpinning can be quite costly. In addition, if the resin house underpinning Bendigo does not solve your foundation problem, the concrete underpinning will no longer be an option for you.   

Restumping and underpinning contractors dug a hole to underpin in Golden Square
Why Trust Us with Foundation Repair?

Repairing the foundation of your house is no small decision. We help make the decision easier for you by providing a service that is reliable, transparent, and trustworthy. Our vic house restumping crew believe that being straightforward and transparent is the best way to earn your trust. Whether its a commercial building stump replacement rel-leveling that you need a quote for, our builders are here to help. 

Aesthetics, practicality, longevity, and safety are never overlooked by our professional  team. 

Years of experience have allowed us to provide quality restumping solutions to meet our clients’ needs. 

Our team will work around your schedule and carry out your work in the most efficient way possible. 

Maintaining the highest standards at all times, our team is well-experienced and reputed within the industry. 

We aim to minimise any disruption to your daily life as much as possible and will keep you informed through every step of the underpinning process.

We take on projects that others won’t, and we never give up on you. The more challenging and complicated the problem, the more rewarding it is to us. 

Allow Our Experts to Tackle Your Foundation Problems!

Getting the right solution for your home foundation repairs as soon as you spot them can help save a lot of headaches in the future. But, dealing with pushy contractors, unclear pricing, and fussy permits can make you want to pull your hair out.
When you know you have a foundation problem or you are just not sure, we are here to help! Our underpinning and restumping expert can help you over the phone. If it is a subsidence or settlement issue, we will have our professional visit your property in Bendigo and conduct a complimentary site visit and thorough assessment.
We proudly service all clients throughout Bendigo and nearby suburbs of Lake Wendouree, Golden Point, Lake Gardens, Invermay Park, Mount Helen, Buninyong and provide house restumping Epsom. You can see our abn checked license and that we work with a registered building practitioner.
Don’t wait till the foundation problem gets bigger. Explore the most cost-effective and innovative solutions available. Give us a call at (03) 4420 4787 and we will connect you with one of our Bendigo house restumping experts. 


Leaving an unstable foundation can cause major issues later on. Having an expert come in for an assessment will save a further cost and lessen further damage to your house.  

There is no definitive way to determine the cost without learning a few things about your structure, such as the soil condition, size of your structure, and the necessary work. Apart from the underpinning or restumping itself, the cost will also include soil test, engineering report, and additional engineering. 

Yes, the quality underpinning will last for as long as your property. However, unforeseeable incidents such as poor installation, natural disasters, and unforeseeable incidents can shorten its lifespan. 

No, if you don’t want to. In most cases, our methods save you the convenience of moving out of your home while we work on your house’s foundation. However, it would help to have the work area cleared before we arrive.

Most small jobs can be finished in a day, while complicated ones can take up to a week. Our specialists will discuss the time frame for your underpinning or restumping project as part of our free assessment.