Is Building a Strong Basement Foundation Important?

Is Building a Strong Basement Foundation Important

Yes, building a strong basement foundation is important. It guarantees proper structural integrity of the whole building, helping prevent issues like cracks and subsidence. Any reputable basement foundation expert knows that incorporating a robust foundation will safeguard the basement from moisture and external weather conditions. For this blog, we consulted our underpinning experts to expand … Read more

Subsidence: What Is It and Why Is It a Concern?

Subsidence is a quiet but persistent problem increasingly affecting properties. This stealthy threat can imperceptibly weaken a building’s foundation, resulting in expensive foundation repairs work if overlooked. By recognising its early indicators and understanding its causes, we can anticipate and thwart the potentially destructive effects of subsidence, safeguarding our homes and investments. In this post, … Read more

What Are the Different Types of House Footings?

What Are the Different Types of House Footings

The different types of house footings are screw piles, strip footings, raft slab footings, pad footings, and pile foundations. Each of these footings provides a stable base for structures due to their ability to prevent shifting and distribute weight evenly. Notably, all five footing systems are suitable for underpinning to enhance stability and performance when … Read more

How Do I Fix Wall Cracks?

How Do I Fix Wall Cracks

You fix wall cracks by prepping the area, widening cracks, applying the filler, smoothing it down, and painting or finishing it as needed. Such a process ensures that you complete the repair thoroughly. Proper preparation and quality materials are vital when fixing a cracked wall. Before beginning any wall cracks repairs, it’s worth contacting a … Read more

What Is the Job of a Remedial Builder?

What Is the Job of a Remedial Builder

The job of a remedial builder involves coordinating with underpinning experts, hiring necessary plumbers, supervising external restoration works, and overseeing roof repairs. They play a crucial role in maintaining the safety and integrity of structures by overseeing specialised repairs and restorations. These experts manage various aspects of remedial construction and ensure that structural and aesthetic … Read more

Best Ways To Prevent Your House From Sinking

Best Ways To Prevent Your House From Sinking

The best way to prevent your house from sinking is to ensure the property has a solid foundation that uses the proper design and materials appropriate for your soil type. You also need to maintain effective drainage systems to avoid water accumulating in and around the foundation. Regular inspection and repair are essential to detect … Read more

How To Repoint a Brick Wall

How To Repoint a Brick Wall

To repoint a brick wall, you must remove old mortar, mix and apply new mortar, and allow it to cure. This process is crucial in maintaining the structural integrity and appearance of brickwork. The method of repointing brick ensures the wall remains durable and weather-resistant. This helps to reduce the likelihood of foundation repairs in … Read more

Should I Worry About Wall Cracks?

Should I Worry About Wall Cracks

You need to worry about wall cracks that are greater than 10mm wide. Not all wall cracks are serious, but those that are more than 10mm may indicate foundational issues.  This could require a consultation with a foundation contractor in Bendigo. Additionally, wall cracks can signal potential structural weaknesses or deterioration in the building. Wall … Read more