Can You Restump A House Yourself?

If your house is more than 30-40 years old, then it’s likely that the original stumps are made of timber. Over time, these stumps can rot, which can cause serious problems for your home. Restumping is the process of replacing these old stumps with new ones, and it’s a job that should only be done by trained professionals.

Is DIY Restumping A House Possible?

The structurally integrity of your home is very important. DIY restumping is not recommended as incorrectly restumping a house can cause further damage to your home and put your family’s safety at risk. We recommend hiring a professional for the following reasons:

Restumping Can Be Complex

The first reason is that restumping is a lot more complicated than it looks. There can be a lot of excavation involved, and the new stumps need to be positioned correctly in order to support your home properly. This is something that only experienced professionals will be able to do correctly.

Restumping Can Be Dangerous

The second reason is that restumping can be dangerous. There is a risk of injury when excavating around the old stumps, and if the new stumps are not positioned correctly, then your home could collapse. This is why it’s so important to use a licensed and experienced professional for this job.

Restumping Requires Experience

Thirdly, restumping though simple, can be technical. You not only need to be able to restump, sometimes you mean to replace joists and bearers. The reason for needing to replace joists and bearers can be due to rot from water ingress and age. If you don’t know what you’re doing, then you could end up causing more damage to your home. Using a licensed team will prevent further foundation issues to your home too.

What about a warranty on restumping?

And lastly, you always want to be sure that you’re going to get a warranty with your restumping. Concrete stumps will last a lifetime and you should expect to get a 10 year warranty with them. Timber stumps will only last a few years, so we’d also recommend not using them.

Always use a reblocking contractor

So there you have it, four reasons why you should use a licensed and experienced professional for your restumping job. So, if you’re thinking about restumping your home, make sure you use a licensed and experienced professional. It’s the only way to be sure that the job is done properly and safely. It will save you time, money, and potentially a lot of heartache in the long run! 
We hope this blog post has been informative and helpful. If you have any further questions about restumping costs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.